All About Penis Enlargement Methods

Ideal methods of penis enlargement will vary from individual to individual. To select the best for yourself, you need to understand how the different methods work (and why some don’t at all). In general there are 5 currently used effective methods including:

  • Penis traction devices
  • Penis Enlargement Pills
  • Penis pumps
  • Penis stretches and weights
  • Surgical augmentation

To understand how penis enlargement works, you should have a general understanding  of penile anatomy and physiology.

The penis is primarily composed of 3 main areas: the one smaller chamber, the lower Corpus Spongisum that functions for urination and ejaculation, and two upper chambers, which together are called the Corpora Cavernosa, and are the areas where 90% of the blood is retained during an erection. Penis length and girth is limited to the maximum capacity of these two chambers.

To enlarge your penis you need to develop the size of the Corpora Cavernosa. Like any tissue of the body, this can be achieved with proper targeted exercises (as provided by Penis Health and SizeGenetics ) or growth can be stimulated with specific medical formulas (such as ProSolution Pills, VigRx Pills, and ProEnhance  ). There are other methods designed to attempt Corpora Cavernosa enlargement, but many put you at risk of side-effects as described later in the page.

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