A Summary of Male Enhancement Products

There are many male enhancement products out there on the market. In this article we try to summarize the ones that have made an impact together with some user tips.

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Of course you are free to choose as many male enhancement products as you like as long as they are not going to damage your health.

  1. Pills: This is one of the most convenient methods for achieving penis enlargement but the truth of the matter is that it rarely works. There are very few reports of penis pills that have been satisfactory to their users. The medical profession will not touch them unless they are packaged as anti impotence drugs. The risk of over dosage can also make penis enlargement pills a difficult prescription to make. Nevertheless the market for male enhancement pills is growing. You need to make a decision as to whether you want to take the risk of not getting the results that you want or not. These pills are not marketed as guarantees but as experiments which can go either way. Make sure that you discuss any decisions with your doctor. In particular you should be concerned about drug interactions. You can read more about VigRX Plus here.
  2. Extenders: The practical benefits of penis extenders are well known. They tend to target the organ in question and you can tell in a few months whether there has been a change. Unfortunately some people complain that they cannot keep up with the routine of constantly operating a penis stretcher. This routine can last for up to 8 months before you really see a change. That is too long for people who want to increase penis size without actually going through the hard work of making it happen. There are also some challenges with skin reactions to the grip if you use hanging and stretching. Do not use “cock rings” because they can damage your veins on a permanent basis.  Make sure that you have read all the instructions that relate to the penile extender before you use it. I would recommend SizeGenetics penis extender that you can read more about here.
  3. The natural way: Instead of using penis extenders and penis pills, you may decide that it is far better to use organic methods. Herbal remedies are still in the research stage but there are other forms of natural penis enlargement. For example you could train your penis muscles through stretching and caressing until they grow larger. The theory is that the penis is a muscle which can be built and constructed through exercise. The only problem is that you could end up damaging the very cells that are going to deliver your erection. The decision to increase penis size is not an easy one. You will find that there are many challenges and that you try many false hopes until you get something that works. Of course you also have the option of accepting your body as it is.