5 Effective Penis Enlargement Methods

Do you need to add some extra size to your penis? Want to add the size in a safe and easy way? You’ve found the right website. I’m going to show you in one second the top 5 effective penis enlargement methods that I know, that will really give you a bigger penis in no time. These methods are tried and tested and work really well in my experience. I’ve learnt a thing or two about this so you can listen to me and follow what I say. If you’ve got anything else to add then please use the comments below. Sharing is caring so remember to share the penis pump wealth.

 Jelqing – Penis exercise 

The first thing that you need to try before you do anything else is jelqing. This is the oldest penis enlargement exercise around and it still works incredibly.

You can grow your penis with this technique and it will also give you a much stronger and healthier penis.

  • Step 1. Get your penis semi erect, hold it with the ‘OK’ Signal.
  • Step 2. Pull it away from your body (straight) and hold for 15 to 20 seconds.
  • Step 3. Change direction, Right, Left, Upwards, Rest for 10 seconds,  Repeat.

You do this for around 5 to 10 minutes twice a day and within 6 weeks you’ll see massive results.

Penis Pumps

My personal favourite method for enlarging the penis is always going to be a good old penis pump. Whether you use hydrotherapy, vacuum or just a normal pump you’re always going to get some permanent gains on your penis size.

Now the best thing about penis pumps is they also get the circumference on your penis bigger, that really helps people who have skinny penises.

This is one of the safest and healthiest ways to get a bigger penis, you can mix this with the exercises above for the maximum effect.

I use a nice pump that costs under $40 dollars so if you’re looking for a cheap, but amazing pump then try this one.

Penis Enlargments

You can now get a tool that’s similar to a penis pump, but it doesn’t use suction, it’s more similar to the exercises that I showed above.

The enlargement kits are pretty cheap and they come in at just over $90, I think this is one of the best and it will give you some gains.

It’s really safe to use and it’s used by loads of men worldwide. They’re not as famous as pumps, but they are still new to the penis table.

Penis Extensions

Like a lot of men you’ll probably just want instant gratification and if that’s the way then I’ve got two things for you.

First it’s the penis extension, this is a toy that will add instant size to your penis. It’s just a toy that goes over your penis and will add 2 to 6 inches to your penis. The Vixen can turn any penis into a 7 inch penis and can even go up to 9 inches.

This means that you can really impress your partner with a hung penis. If you’re in a relationship you can surprise your partner with this toy and really make her go wow.


Another toy that’s similar to a penis extension but you can feel more is a penis sleeve, this is a toy that goes on your penis much like a condom, but it’s a lot thicker and it can add inches to your penis instantly.

The sleeves can be amazing if you get the right one and if you’re with a girl who doesn’t mind you using one.

The penis extensions feel more realistic for the females, but a lot of the sleeves are made to really make women have an orgasm.


If you don’t like any of the above there’s always surgery which you can use, surgery is not the best option because it’s not really worth the risk.

It can do permanent damage to your penis and can even stop you getting an erection.

If it added inches to your penis then it would be worth it but in all honesty it costs a fortune , has no guarantee of lasting, adds less than an inch sometimes and they can very rarely add size, it’s usually more about circumference.

It’s not a complete no go I just think that it’s probably not worth doing.