3 Reasons To Increase Your Penis Size

How would you feel if you had a penis that is too short or too thin? If every time you had sex the woman would not give you a positive feedback?

How would you feel if everyone laughed and joked about the size of your penis?

You may be among the few wondering if it may be possible at all to increase your penis size. Well, every man anywhere in the world fancies having that big penis that all the girls will keep talk about and coming back for more of the experience.

Most men have gone an extra mile to find ways to increase their penis size. There are several ways to do so, though not scientifically proven to give 100% results. These methods include; male enhancement pills and supplements, penis stretchers, surgery, natural stretching and jelqing.

There is definitely no quick way to increase the size of a penis and these methods even with their unreliability factor require you to continually use them for a long time before gaining the results you so much want to achieve.

Why would anyone want to increase their Penis size? There are several reasons to name, but I will just explain three:

1. A Boost in Confidence

There is a sense of grandeur in every man that possesses a well built long penis. This heavily applies to sportsmen especially in the locker rooms or while wearing a tight piece of clothing that reveals the bulge.

Ones confidence is raised when a woman appreciates the size of penis you have especially during sex. With a bigger penis you are more confident to explore new sexual positions never before tried out.

2. Better Sexual Performance

A research done at the university of California shows that women prefer wide penises only for short term sexual experiences but still prefer their lifetime partner to have a more than average penis size. 90% of the women prefer a wider penis to a longer one.

This is due to the fact that a wider penis would actually increase the arousal and climax chances than a longer penis.

There are those men that attain the girth and length women like during a sexual encounter leading them to enjoy the best sexual experience.

3. Longer and Harder Erections

It is somewhat disappointing to find out that you can not last long in bed. Men with Longer and larger erections tend to have a large sperm count. So with every ejaculation they make, it does not look like a little squeak and place you in an embarrassing situation.

With a lasting erection, one can so easily enjoy sex to the fullest without the constant embarrassment of being unable to hold out for so long. No matter how good a man may view himself as, his sex performance is always defined by his erection.

It feels so good to have a penis big enough to enjoy sex fully. So if you go down the road of increasing your penis for this matter, make sure to chose the right method for you. Get consultation from professionals in order to make the right choice.